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Sustainable Fashions for the Whole Family

Exquisite, eco-conscious, and sustainably produced Gemstone jewelry offers healing energies for mind, body, and soul.

Eco-fashion… for moms too!
The Original loop style nursing necklace Mothering Rockstm
Celebrate your style while providing safe exploration for your babies while nursing or being held in slings or in your arms.

GemEssence Aromatherapy Spray

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GemEssence Aromatherapy Spray
#LGGE1 GemEssence Aromatherapy Spray
New Accessories from Little Gems are now available: Eco-Fashion... for Moms! Little Gems is so pleased to introduce to you our new line of Gem infused Aromatherapy Sprays in 2 ml. bottles!

Since ancient times, wise women have used plant oils to heal the body and cheer the soul. Every tribal midwife knew which herbs eased babies into the world, or prevented bad dreams. Some used stones and crystals, too. But the knowledge that stones could amplify the power of the oils while enhancing their subtler effects remained hidden in the hands of magicians and alchemists...no more!

Introducing GemEssence---therapeutic grade essential oil blends infused with the energy of natural, untreated gemstones, uncut or faceted by hand.

All GemEssence blends are grounded with the deep, regenerative, first-chakra-healing energy from thousands of carats of star garnets from India's Rajasthan Desert, gently empowered with hundreds of carats of star rose quartz (heart chakra) from the canyons of Bihar on the India/Nepal border, and balanced and refreshed with kilos of lithium-bearing purple lepidolite mica from Minas Gerais, Brazil (crown chakra).

GemEssence aromatherapy oils are designed to stimulate different sets of cells in turn. Each complex blend changes over time, taking you from the initial impact of the top notes through the full-bodied middle notes, and finally to the deep, evocative bass notes. These oils don't just smell good---there's a journey in every drop! If you're accustomed to typical products, even those touted as 'natural', your nose expects to be blasted with a single note--a chemical, or 'fragrance' oil, that doesn't change. You'll feel the difference as the subtle power of the real thing reaches parts of you that chemical scents can't touch.

AWAKEN: Infused with the power of indigo and white sapphires, AWAKEN stimulates alertness, attentiveness and focus, depth and creativity. Have you ever felt your brain cells dance? AWAKEN is the perfect morning blend; use it any time you feel tired or uninspired!

SOOTHE is infused with the energy of blood-red, natural rubies to gently open and stimulate the heart chakra. Calming and uplifting, SOOTHE will comfort you and lift your spirits. Use it any time you feel stress, tension or anxiety.

SLEEP is infused with grass-green natural emeralds to quiet the emotions, fill the heart with love, and maintain rhythmic breathing conducive to deep sleep. Gentle, effective SLEEP is a baby-safe blend that will help you relax and get the rest your body and spirit need--no matter what your age. For beautiful dreams, use at bedtime!

JOY: Infused with the powerful vibrations from natural diamonds, JOY stimulates inspiration, clarity, happiness, and the manifestation of desires. To enhance your love of life, use it any time you want.
This is a Limited Edition design
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