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Sustainable Fashions for the Whole Family

Exquisite, eco-conscious, and sustainably produced Gemstone jewelry offers healing energies for mind, body, and soul.

Eco-fashion… for moms too!
The Original loop style nursing necklace Mothering Rockstm
Celebrate your style while providing safe exploration for your babies while nursing or being held in slings or in your arms.

Autumn Breeze Earrings

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Autumn Breeze Earrings
#LGABE0209 Autumn Breeze Earrings
 Leaves crunching under my feet, leaves blowing in the wind, falling gracefully down to the ground. I love Autumn. However, being from California I experience a modified version of this, and must use my imagination!

This new Autumn Collection is my way of experiencing Autumn in my own way. Bright orange Carnelian, light yellow Citrine, and Sterling Silver are featured in these earrings.

these earrings dangle 2.25"



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