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Sustainable Fashions for the Whole Family

Exquisite, eco-conscious, and sustainably produced Gemstone jewelry offers healing energies for mind, body, and soul.

Eco-fashion… for moms too!
The Original loop style nursing necklace Mothering Rockstm
Celebrate your style while providing safe exploration for your babies while nursing or being held in slings or in your arms.

Mission Statement:

I continually strive to make the world a better place. It has been a priority for me to make sure that Little Gems has a Green Office seal of approval, and is run as a green business. My main website is run on green energy, the packaging and paper is all made from recycled and biodegradeable materials, the gems are mined and cut in small batches by village miners in India. My supplier has been going there and working with them for over a decade, and has watched them build houses for their families and their daughters going to school (which is not the norm in this region).

None of the gems are dyed and they are not processed above a little bit of polishing and shaping. These low impact gems are unlike any that are commonly found in the marketplace. These are totally unique and beautiful, just like you! You can rest assured that I do not use any leaded Swarvski crystal, nor leaded pewter.

The jewelry is made by a work at home mom (me) and most of the silver components are made from reclaimed silver.

About the Designer:

Eclectic in nature, Little Gems appeals to all styles. These funky elegant designs combine the hippest jewelry fashions with sophisticated style. Designer Karen Blum Boateng has always been fascinated with the natural world and incorporates these natural themes in her designs. In 1993, while obtaining a B.S. in Conservation at the University of California at Berkeley, she began designing and selling her own jewelry. Starting with selling jewelry on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, her creations soon found homes across the country.

In 1996, the Dotcom boom enticed her into its fray, where she worked in sales, marketing, and project management at a start-up software company and taking it public. Wishing to be home more with her baby daughter, Karen eventually turned her business expertise inward, starting up Little Gems jewelry for the whole family.

The concept for the unique Mothering Rocks design grew as her baby daughter grew. She, as most babies do, tugged at Karen's necklaces and eventually broke them. Rather than give up wearing jewelry, she developed the ingenius gemstone loop style necklaces. Mothering Rocks are beautifully designed to be strong enough to wear everyday while withstanding children's exploration.

At last, mom AND baby are happy.

A word about the Jewels Healing Properties


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